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Time for a Change

Lately, I've been really eager for change. I felt myself getting too complacent with where I was in my life and knew something had to be done. I felt stuck; like everybody was moving forward while I was at a standstill. This happens quite often but this time was a little different. You would think after having a successful event, I'd be on top of the world. But, no. I wasn't feeling myself or anything that I was doing. No matter how much I manage to accomplish in my life, I feel like I am never satisfied.

I've been writing in my God is my CEO journal for the past month or so and I don't feel as stuck anymore. I am even more determined to complete my goals and even started setting deadlines for myself, which has really helped btw. I became my own business coach, temporarily. It took me awhile to realize this, but I am the only one who can ultimately hold myself accountable AND the only one that can stop myself from living out my full potential. I realized that I wasn't going to accomplish anything if I didn't get out of my own way.

This year started off a little rocky but looking back on it, I've actually done a lot. I've planned, coordinated and hosted my first panel event, finally opened a business bank account, added 2 more streams of income to my plate (and working on adding more, of course), did a little public speaking and obtained a new part-time job which I actually enjoy (but am still actively looking). I never want to get too comfortable. I want to feel excited and somewhat anxious about what I'm working on and what's happening in my life.

But with everything that I was doing, I had to take a little break from blogging. I was consistently putting out new content every week and it was starting to get a little overwhelming. I was so caught up in trying to stay consistent that I was losing focus and blogging was starting to feel more like a task rather than a hobby; which was not what I wanted. It was getting to a point where I wasn't even excited to blog and started dreading the thought of having to have a blog post completed by every by Tuesday of each week.

Now that I'm back, I want to make sure that I'm more transparent with yall. I want my site to be a place where you guys can come to for fashion inspiration and advice, a place that gets your creative juices flowing, a place where you can read my posts and relate to them and the place for all your wardrobe needs, of course.

It's funny because a few people that I've spoken to recently have congratulated me on everything that I'm doing, but I honestly don't feel like I'm doing anything special and should actually be doing a lot more. I tend to be very hard on myself sometimes and compare my life to everyone else's (hence me wanting to re design my website). We all do, especially with social media. But we have to remember that we're exactly where we're supposed to be. And that everything that happens in our lives is preparing us for the next chapter or big transition.

I tend to preach things that I sometimes don't even practice which is fake as hell LOL. I'm one of those people who gives great advice but can't even take my own advice when I need it. It's crazy. But I'm a work in progress and want you all to learn from me and all my mistakes.

I want to be able to use my influence and teach you all how to do what I do. In the process of starting over with my site, I created two other brands, The Goal Digger Workshop and Black Women Who Style; two lifestyle brands that showcase my love for style + fashion and business + entrepreneurship. I decided to separate the two to avoid confusing all of my crazy ideas. I literally couldn't sleep some nights with so many things running through my head. Within a matter of about 3 months, I coordinated the first event for one, planned a couple of shoots for the other and designed websites for both that will be launching very soon. I feel like God gave me these two platforms to keep me busy and for me to finally start doing what I was meant to do all along. Which I still don't really know what that is but I feel like I will very soon.

We all need a break sometimes and that break for me was much needed. I am back with some new and fun content and am excited to get back to it. I don't know how often I'll be blogging just yet but I'll be settling on a set schedule soon.

I appreciate all of you guy's support and I hope you're ready for everything that I have in store. Stay tuned!


Victoria Beckham Mint Green Floral Short Set: Target

Apt. 9 Floral White Blouse: Macy's

TopShop Lavender Wedges: Nordstrom

Hot Pink Tassel Earrings: Heart of Gold Accessories

Photographer: Karmen of Armenyl Studio

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