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Meet the Style Savant

Meet Christen, the Founder of SCB Luxury Styling. With a passion for shifting women's relationship with style, Christen has been transforming wardrobes and lives since 2014. With a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, including collaborations with renowned companies such as Nordstrom, Trunk Club, Amazon, and Rue La La, Christen has honed her expertise in curating personalized and impactful style experiences.

Throughout her career, Christen has had the privilege of working with countless women, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and helping them embrace their unique body shapes and personal style. Her mission is to empower every woman to radiate confidence, authenticity, and grace in every room they enter.

As the driving force behind SCB Luxury Styling, Christen brings a deep understanding of fashion brands, impeccable attention to detail, and a natural talent for connecting with her clients on a personal level. Her keen eye for style, coupled with her genuine passion for celebrating individuality, allows her to curate wardrobes that truly speak for her clients, enabling them to command attention and make a lasting impression wherever they go.

Christen's approach to personal styling goes beyond fashion; it's about creating a transformative experience that empowers her clients to embrace their true selves, inside and out. Through her guidance and expertise, she helps women unlock their full potential, instilling in them a newfound sense of confidence and self-expression.

The Style Savant to aspriring sophisticated women
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SCB Luxury Styling is a personal styling firm that guides aspiring sophisticated women in harmonizing their inner beauty with their outer appearance. Our signature C.E.O method will mentally prepare our clients for the ultimate shift in their relationship with style and break all the limiting beliefs they have about their bodies. We believe that when a woman truly understands her body shape and authentically dresses with more intention, she will ultimately make the world a better place. She will show up more confidently for herself and the people she serves, attract the right opportunities, increase her income, and ultimately fulfill her God-given purpose. 

Our Approach:

Through our signature C.E.O method, we guide you through a transformative journey that goes beyond superficial fashion trends. We focus on shifting your relationship with style and breaking free from negative misconceptions about your body and style. By helping you understand your body shape and curate a capsule wardrobe with intention, we empower you to dress in a way that aligns with who you were designed to be.

What Sets Us Apart:

SCB Luxury Styling is not just a personal styling company; we are your trusted partner on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We combine our expertise in personal styling with a deep understanding of your values and faith, creating an experience that is meaningful, uplifting, and transformational.

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