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Are you ready to harmonize your inner beauty with your outer appearance?

Christen Johnson

Are you an aspiring sophisticated woman who is ready to step into your full potential and make a lasting impact? Do you desire to exude confidence, influence, and success in every area of your life? Look no further! SCB Luxury Styling presents "Command Your Authority," a premium service designed exclusively for women like you.

Imagine a transformation where you effortlessly command attention and respect, not only through your words and actions but also through your impeccable style.


Picture yourself confidently stepping into any room, radiating a magnetic presence that captivates others. With "Command Your Authority," you will unlock the power of personal style as a tool to amplify your impact and fulfill your God-given purpose.

Through this transformative experience, you will embark on a journey that encompasses four essential phases:

Christen Johnson

1. The Style Shift: It all begins with a mindset transformation. I'll will guide you through a process of self-discovery, helping you break free from limiting beliefs and negative misconceptions about your body and personal style. You will gain a deeper understanding of your unique body shape, uncover your true style essence, and embrace the confidence to express yourself authentically.

2. Made New: It's time to declutter your wardrobe and make space for greatness. Our personalized consultation and closet cleanse will empower you to curate a capsule wardrobe filled with quality pieces that align with your style, body shape, and professional aspirations. You'll learn valuable styling techniques and receive tailored recommendations to make getting dressed a breeze, saving you time and energy.

3. Command the Room: Step into the spotlight with our shopping, fitting, and look book deliverable. We'll take you on a curated shopping experience, handpicking outfits that embody your unique style and elevate your presence. With our expert guidance, you'll discover the art of dressing for success, creating powerful first impressions, and leaving a lasting impact in any setting.

4. Walk in your Authority:  is where you’ll learn how to authentically and confidently show up with a style that aligns with who you were designed to be.

As a result of "Command Your Authority," you will experience a profound shift in how you show up in the world. Your newfound confidence will attract the right opportunities, clients, and connections, propelling you towards your goals with grace and intention. You'll radiate an aura of authority and professionalism that commands attention and opens doors to new possibilities.

It's time to step into your calling, embrace your true identity, and unlock the abundant life that awaits you. Don't let another day pass by without harnessing the power of style to transform your personal and professional journey.

Christen Johnson

Are you ready to shift your relationship with style?

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