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6 Ways to Style a Suit with M.M. LaFleur

Suits have long been a symbol of power and sophistication in the world of fashion. However, the days of wearing a suit exclusively for the boardroom are long gone. In this style guide, I’ll explore six creative and chic ways to transform your suit into versatile ensembles that effortlessly transition from work to weekend and beyond.

The Style Savant in a Suit

1. The Power Suit

For the ultimate boardroom confidence, embrace the classic power suit look. Pair a tailored blazer with matching trousers or a pencil dress, and don't forget a crisp blouse or silk camisole underneath. Opt for bold colors or timeless neutrals depending on your style.

The Power Suit

2. The Casual Cool

Dress down your suit for a casual yet polished appearance. Swap out the blouse for a relaxed graphic tee or a cozy knit. Roll up the sleeves, and add a pair of stylish sneakers or loafers. This look is perfect for a laid-back day at the office or a weekend brunch.

Casual Cool

3. The Edgy Ensemble

Inject some edge into your suit game by incorporating leather or denim. Throw on a leather jacket or style your suit with a denim shirt for a fashion-forward, street-style-inspired look. Finish it off with ankle boots or statement sneakers.

The Edgy Ensemble

4. The Feminine Flair

Soft and feminine doesn't mean sacrificing the power of a suit. Experiment with adding a touch of romance by layering your suit with a delicate lace camisole or a floral blouse. Play with textures and accessories to bring out your feminine side.

The Feminine Flair

5. The Athleisure Twist

Combine comfort with sophistication by infusing athleisure elements into your suit ensemble. Pair your suit with a sporty crop top, trendy joggers, and sleek sneakers. This fusion of sporty and chic is perfect for those days when comfort is a priority.

The Athleisure Twist

6. The Statement Separates

Break up your suit into separate pieces to create multiple outfits. Mix and match blazers and trousers or skirts with other wardrobe staples. This way, you maximize the versatility of your suit, creating a range of looks suitable for various occasions.

The Statement Seperates

The Statement Separates

Your suit is a style chameleon, ready to adapt to any occasion. By exploring these seven different ways to wear a suit, you'll not only maximize your wardrobe but also showcase your fashion-forward approach to personal style. Whether you're conquering the corporate world or enjoying a weekend adventure, the suit is your canvas for sartorial expression.

The Style Savant in a suit

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