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Five Minute Fashion Fixes - 4 Secrets to having Great Style

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Having great style can seem so out of reach at times. You see so many other women looking amazing in literally everything they wear and you're sitting there wondering why you just can't get this style thing right 😪

Well, I'm here to tell you that having great style is very attainable for you! And I have 4 secrets to help you achieve it.

1. Make sure you have those foundation pieces

Every women's wardrobe should consist of classic basics that literally go with everything. Some of these basics are:

- Denim jeans

- White blouse/tee shirt

- Black dress

- Blazer

Most of these pieces are easy to find and helps to create a strong foundation for your wardrobe so that you can have great style. If you're wondering what other essential items you should have in your wardrobe, click here to download a copy of my "Wardrobe Essentials Checklist".

2. Add in statement pieces that align with your personality

Statement pieces are fun and definitely helps to showcase your personality, but you don't want a closet full of statement pieces!

When shopping, most women tend to gravitate towards their favorite colors and patterns, without even thinking if those items pair well with what they already have in their wardrobe. And this is where the problem starts.

If you don't already have those essentials that I mentioned above, then those statement pieces will just be sitting in your closet collecting dust.

In order to have great style, you want to have a good mix of both those essentials and statement pieces that speak to you!

3. Accessorize to complete each of your looks

Accessories can make or break an outfit. You don't want to wear too many accessories at once and you don't want to go without them.

I personally like to keep it simple! If I'm wearing a statement necklace, then I'll wear studs or a simple hoop. And if I'm wearing statement earrings, I'll wear a dainty chain necklace to balance out my look.

Jewelry is the perfect way to elevate any basic outfit to the next level!

4. Confidence is what makes you, you!

You can't have great style without confidence! Confidence comes when you're clear on what your measurements are, what your body shape is and what styles actually flatter your figure best.

How can you be confident in your appearance, if you're worried about how something looks on you?

PRO TIP: Take your measurements every quarter to stay up to date with your sizes

When you know your sizes, you'll know your body shape and when you know your body shape, you'll know what fits you best. This makes shopping for clothes that much easier!

Now that you know my 4 secrets to having great style, let's elevate your style to the next level! Click here to schedule some time to chat with me about your style challenges and learn how I can best serve your style needs.

Learn how to dress your unique body shape with "The Body Shape Bible".

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