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Five Minute Fashion Fixes - 3 Reasons Why you Hate Shopping

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Shopping used to be so fun when you were growing up, but now it just seems like a hassle! Whether you're shopping online or in-store, you struggle with finding items you love and that actually fit your body properly. And it's because of these 3 main reasons!

1. You have no idea what your style is

At this point, you're probably shopping blindly - only going shopping when you need something for a specific occasion and/or buying items that look amazing on the hanger but don't necessarily look great on you.

And the is why shopping can seem like such a task!

When you're clear on your personal style, you'll know exactly what gaps to fill in your wardrobe and you'll shop with more intention.

2. You don't know your sizes

I'm always talking about size and why it's important to take your measurements every quarter. As women, our bodies are constantly changing and we have to stay updated with those changes.

If you're not clear on your size, how can you find clothes that actually fit you?

At the top of the spring season, I cleansed my closet, tried on some pieces I haven't worn in awhile and took my measurements. And I realized that I actually went up a pant size. Now when I'm shopping, I'm looking for items in my new size and not my old size. But I wouldn't have known my body changed if I wasn't on top of my measurements.

If you're not sure how to take your measurements, watch the video below ⬇️

3. You don't know your body shape

Most of my clients have no idea what their body shape is before working with me. They either looked in the mirror and guessed what their shape was or they just buy what fits. But once they actually take their measurements and determine their unique body shape, it becomes a lot more easier for them to shop and find items they love.

You won't be able to determine your body shape without actually taking your measurements and understanding how your body is proportioned.

If you've taken your measurements and still aren't sure how to solidify your unique body shape, you need to grab my signature e-book, The Body Shape Bible!

I created this e-book to help women, like you, get more comfy with your body. This e-book will:

- Introduce you to my body positive body shapes

- Show you how to take your measurements in 3 easy steps

- Describe each body shape and their unique characteristics

- List out the style do's and don'ts for each shape

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