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4 Ways to Brighten your Wardrobe with Color + Prints

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

It’s time to brighten up your wardrobe and start incorporating some color and prints into your everyday looks. I know it can sound scary and may seem a little challenging, so I’m giving you a few easy tips to start wearing more color with ease.

Continue reading to learn how to brighten up your wardrobe with color and prints!

1️. Color block - Pair your favorite complimentary colors together for a fun and stylish look. Check out the color wheel below for some inspiration.

When pairing colors using the color wheel, consider pairing colors that are adjacent, vertical, horizontal and across from one another. For example, red and blue, orange and yellow and pink and green really great combinations.

2️. Pair your pop of color with a neutral - You can wear your pop of color in your top, your bottom or accessories and balance it out with a neutral. Your pop of color also doesn't have to be bright. It can be a muted tone like plum or dark red. What makes it a "pop" of color is when it stands out in your outfit.

3️. Pair your prints with a neutral - Prints already make a colorful statement, so pair them with a neutral to tone it down a bit. Try pairing your printed top with a solid colored bottom or vice versa depending on what you want to emphasize.

It is possible to create balance with your body shape by using colors and prints. Use louder colors and prints to attract the eye. And use darker shades and prints to repel the eye.

4️. Pair your prints with color - Match your bottoms or top with one of the colors from the print. Let's use the outfit above for an example. Black is a color included in the printed top being worn. So, it's easy to pair black pants with this top.

You can also color mix! The pattern in the top above include black, red, pink, green and blue. Red and blue makes purple so you could pair this top with purple pants and still match. The color mix is going to trick the eye into thinking that purple is included in the top. It works like magic!

These simple steps will help you to start incorporating color into your wardrobe without having to think about it. Don't be afraid to experiment with color and try different techniques to hone in on your personal style.

The summertime isn't the only time to brighten up your wardrobe with colors and prints. The fall and winter months are still a great time to play around with different shades of colors that you love.

Click here to watch "4 Ways to Brighten Up your Wardrobe with Color + Prints". And if you're struggling with dressing your body shape, grab your copy of "The Body Shape Bible".

Ready to implement more color into your wardrobe but aren't quite sure where to start? Click here to schedule your Style Discovery Call to get started!

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