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2020 Fashion Trends: Wardrobe Staples?

I swear this is the last post about 2020 haha

But I wanted to introduce you all to some of fashion's latest trends of the new decade, if you haven't already explored them. I'm not a trendy person, but after doing some research, I noticed that I had most of these pieces in my wardrobe already. And if you own the right wardrobe staples, then you probably do too.

Believe it or not, many of these trends are very 70's, 80's and 90's inspired. History definitely has a way of repeating itself.

Let's get into it these trends!

1. Cardigans

Who would have ever thought this would be a trend? Cardigans have have normally been seen worn open with a top layered underneath, but in 2020, the cardigan is being worn as an actual top.

Now in a professional setting, this may be a little too much depending on the cut. But if not, they're perfect to wear with trousers, a skirt or even jeans. You can also layer it over a turtleneck to be a little more work appropriate.

2. Boyfriend Blazers

This has been one of my favorite styles to wear, to date. I only have a couple of boyfriend blazers but I could always use a few more. Now, this particular silhouette isn't fit for every body shape but can be very flattering if styled properly. It's quite loose around your body and hits mid hip.

But if you still want to show off your waist; wear the blazer open with a high waist pant or skirt and fitted top (preferably tucked in) to create a shape. That way, your figure isn't overpowered by the lose fit of the blazer.

3. Straight Leg Jeans

Skinny jeans have run it's course! Now, I'm not going to say that they're completely out of style, but I will say that it's about time you dust off your straight leg jeans and add them back into your weekly rotation.

I don't own many of these because they weren't really one of my favorite styles of jeans, but they actually looks great on most body shapes. Depending on the cut and the fabric, they help to accentuate your bottom half.

4. Trench Coat

Even though this staple has never really gone out of style, it's extremely trendy in the new decade. With that said, I wanted to show you a few different ways to wear it.

Most trench coats are quite thin, but can definitely be worn all year around when styled properly. I haven't found the perfect trench just yet, but when I do, you'll know!

Want to know which of these trends best suit your unique body shape and where to shop for them? Book a virtual style consultation and chat with me! I'd love to learn more about you and your style challenges.

All virtual style consultations that are booked by March 15th, are 10% OFF with code: "SOCHIC".

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