Are you ready to create a unique personal style that speaks for you and not against you?

At SophisticatedChic, we're dedicated to helping professional women and entrepreneurs of all industries showcase themselves professionally with style both on and offline, to leverage their impact and influence.

There is no secret that boss ladies are taking the lead in business. With women owned businesses growing at an exponential rate, there are approximately 13 million women owned businesses in the U.S as of 2019. And an estimate $1.9 trillion in revenue is produced by women owned businesses.

We understand what it looks like to lead in business. That's why we're committed to helping women position themselves for success. 

What We Do

  • We help women develop a personal style that will help you to lead with ease 

  • We show women how to determine your unique body shape so that you can properly dress for it 

  • We educate women on the importance of their appearance and what it looks like to show up on and offline 

  • We meet you where you are and help you to transition from one level to the next with style 

  • We make wondering what to wear everyday a thing of the past

With our unique and personalized approach to wardrobe styling, you'll receive one-on-one support tailored to fit your wardrobe needs at every step of your style journey towards creating a personal style that speaks to you.

Where are you in your style journey?


Are you transitioning to a new job and not quite sure how to stand out in the new work environment?

Boss Lady

Have you just been promoted and aren't sure how to continue showing up in your new role?

Brand You

Do you want to make a bigger impact and positive influence with your personal brand and image?



Are you transitioning to a new job and not quite sure how to stand out in the new work environment? Are you in a completely different industry or working for a company whose environment is still very new to you?

If so, then you're a part of the transitioning women that we help use consulting to professionally stand out in a way that helps them make a great lasting impression on their new employer and peers. 



Have you recently been promoted to an executive role and want to continue showing up like the boss lady that you are? 

With SophisticatedChic's personalized, full service packages, we'll be able to meet you where you are, literally. We'll personally work with you to develop a style that gives you the executive presence you've been looking for. 



You run a successful business that your clients love, but you want to have a bigger impact and influence on your audience without stretching yourself too thin.

Our expert guidance and services will give you a unique perspective on fashion and how you can create a personal style that speaks volumes on and offline. 

After working with us:

96% of our clients have been able to increase up to 30% of their business sales

87% of our clients have secured at least two speaking engagements

100% of our clients confidence level boosts to a new level

Are you ready to get clarity on your style?

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