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Why you Need a Professional Brand Photo Shoot

A picture says a thousand words. And nowadays with everything being so visual, there is no way for you to properly market anything without a professional image attached to it. You don't even have to speak about your business. You can literally have it so that your content speaks for you. How easy is that?

Well, how do you get that professional, clean and pristine content? How do you know what looks good and what doesn't? How do you know the type of content that attracts your target audience? It's simple. Hire a team of experts that:

- Specialize in branding

- Understand your overall vision as a business owner

- Understand what you want your brand to portray

I know. Not everybody is ready to make the investment. But I'm here to tell you that it's an investment that will be well worth it.

Using photography to convey messages to your target audience with your personality, and your style is the smartest thing you could ever do. While your images work for you by attracting potential clients/customers, you can be focusing your time on something else that's just as important.

Your content is continuously working for you 24/7 while you're servicing clients, answering emails or even relaxing on the beach. But how can you ensure that it is, in fact working for you? By making sure your outfit, your location and your props all align.

For example, as a Personal Stylist for women business owners and career professionals, I make sure the outfits that I wear in my pictures align with my expertise and showcases my personal style. By incorporating classic wardrobe staples, like a blazer (my absolute favorite piece to wear) with pops of color and prints, and pairing it with jeans, I'm showing my viewers the versatility of the traditional "work staple".

It seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised at how many brands utilize images that don't necessarily connect with their brand message. To avoid this from happening, really make sure you understand your values and what you want your brand to represent. You can ask yourself these simple questions to start:

- "What do I want people to feel when they look at my images?"

- "What do I want to stand for?"

- "Why am I doing this?"

Really being clear with yourself and understanding the true meaning behind what you do will make the branding process a lot smoother. But it's not just you who has to understand. Your team should be able to comprehend your vision, as well. So, making sure your personal stylist and photographer really get you and your personal style.

At SophisticatedChic, we work together as a team. So, after our one-on-one consultation where we dive into your business and personal goals, I choose an expert photographer from my team to take on your specific project. It's like we personalize your branding shoot exactly how you want it!

So, when is the best time to invest in professional images for yourself and your brand? I would say now.

"Why so soon?"

Having professional images makes you look and feel like the professional that you are. As we primarily focus on established women business owners and career professionals, we highly encourage all women business owners to invest in professional and stylish content.

Of course if you're not financially ready, don't take the leap. But do plan and budget for it in the future. As it will be much needed when your business begins to evolve.

The Outcome

Giving yourself the opportunity to see some amazing, professional pictures of yourself all dolled up will in fact, boost your confidence. The ability of seeing yourself in a new way and allowing others to really "see you", is a unique experience within itself.

Ready to take that leap? We're hosting a professional branding photo shoot event called "Cocktails and Corporate Content" on March 30th. If you've been hesitant on investing in an entire team, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Register HERE

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