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What is your Style Archetype?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Everyone has a personal style, but some may not know it yet. You subconsciously gravitate towards certain colors, patterns and styles that you like without even noticing it. Until you take a look in your closet and realize you either have nothing to wear or all of your clothes look the same.

It's great to have a "uniform" that aligns with your personal preferences. But knowing your style archetype will help you to determine your personal style.

Continue reading to determine your style archetype.

Are you casual?

If you identify as casual, you tend not to branch out of your comfort zone as much. You stick with styles and brands that you know will always work for you. You lean more towards neutrals colors and prints that can be worn interchangeably and mix well with what's already in your closet.

Go-to outfit: Jeans and a cropped sweater

Go-to color palette: Green, blue, white and orange

Are you classic?

If you identify as classic, you tend to gravitate towards simple silhouettes and clean designs. You too enjoy versatile items that can be mix and matched, but you're an elevated version of casual. You focus more on classic items that don't go out of style with minor details, quality fabrics and textures that can be dressed up and down.

Go-to outfit: Blazer, trousers and button up

Go-to color palette: Black and white

Are you minimal?

If you identify as minimal, you gravitate towards mostly solids and minimal details. You too enjoy a capsule wardrobe that consists of quality pieces with subtle flair that can be both dressed up and down. Your style tends to be very simple and easy to digest.

Go-to outfit: Monochrome

Go-to color palette: Blush, black and white

Are you boho?

If you identify as boho, you love to play around with florals, fringe, lace and bell sleeves. You tend to gravitate towards billowy tops with a more relaxed fit. You love layering textures and flowy styles to create comfortable looks, easy-going looks.

Go-to outfit: Suede jacket, denim skirt and flowy top

Go-to color palette: Black, brown and blue

Are you romantic?

If you identify as romantic, that doesn't mean you love everything floral. You're similar to boho, but tend to gravitate towards a variety of styles that express your femininity. Your enjoy eye-catching statement pieces that highlight the best parts of your body.

Go-to outfit: Sweater and tailored shorts

Go-to color palette: Red, gray, black, pink and gold

Are you edgy?

If you identify as edgy, you tend to gravitate towards heavier pieces with metal and distressed details. You're not afraid of bold colors and patterns and enjoying showing some skin. You like playing around with current trends while still remaining true to your style.

Go-to outfit: Statement blazer, leather skirt and leather top

Go-to color palette: Black, blue, red and pink

Are you preppy?

If you identify as preppy, your style tends to be more clean cut and fresh. Think Ralph Lauren or J.Crew. You love pastels and classic prints like gingham and stripes.

Go-to outfit: Button up with sweater, trousers and denim jacket

Go-to color palette: Mint, blue and yellow

Are you sporty?

If you identify as sporty, you tend to gravitate towards comfier items with stretch that are easy to move around in. There are two sides to being sporty. You're either into athletic attire that you could run errands and workout in. Or you could gravitate towards more structured and casual styles paired with sneakers.

Go-to outfit: Sweater, jeans and sneakers

Go-to color palette: Black, white, red and blue

Yes! You can definitely be a mix of all of these styles. Many of us take elements and details from each of these archetypes when getting dressed everyday. Our style typically evolves due to changes in our mood, location, weather and/or life in general.

Still not sure what your personal style is? Schedule a style discovery call to get started!

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