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Ask the Stylist - Q&A with Christen

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I'm constantly getting asked questions and soon realized that many of those questions are very similar. So, I figured it would be a great idea to house some of the questions in a blog post each month for you all to get unlimited access to.

Continue reading for a brief Q&A between myself and a few viewers of my most recent interview with Black Girls Unscripted. You can check out the full interview here.

Heather M.

Q: "Are designer items worth the investment or is it better to save your money and get less pricier garments?"

A: It really depends on the brand and how it's made. Most designer pieces are worth it but some arent depending on how it's made. It's best to determine what pieces best fit your body shape and lifestyle. I would also spend some time trying on different designers and seeing how they fit and feel.

Lawanda G.

Q: "What's the best shape wear for curvy girls? I am bigger up top, smaller down bottom."

A: At the moment, I know that Nordstrom carries a variety of brands of shape wear. Matter of fact, any department store really. Kim Kardashian just released her new shape wear line called Skims and I believe she carries all sizes.

Also, be sure to focus on balancing out your top half with your bottom half. So, wearing styles like wider leg pants and a-line skirts would be a great option for you!


Q: "I'm just graduating college and starting a new job. What pieces classify as business casual?"

A: Business casual pieces vary! Depending on your work environment, jeans can be considered business casual too. But typically those pieces are trousers, chinos, blouses, cardigans, sweaters, skirts and dresses worn with either a heal or flats. Whatever works best for your shape and style!


Q: "I keep hearing people talk about their "personal style." How do you figure out your personal style?"

A: Your personal style is just that. YOUR style! Whatever styles best suits your shape and fits into your everyday lifestyle, is what your personal style should consist of. But just because you love something, doesn't meant it's meant for you. If you're not sure what your shape is, grab your copy of The Body Shape Bible. It's a life saver!

Catherine T.

Q: "I'm in the middle of my weight loss journey. Some clothes I can fit, others less so. When should I start transitioning to smaller sizes? Any tips for what to do in the meantime?"

A: Congrats on your weightless journey! Depending on the intensity of your diet and how quickly you're losing weight will help to determine what you should shop for. It's always good to focus on quality fabrics that can be taken in or out when your weight fluctuates. Cotton is one of my favorite fabrics. It's easy to care for and can last for quite some time.

Celai F.

Q: "Do you have any tips for shopping at thrift stores?"

A: Shopping at thrift stores can be tricky but fun! I always recommend going in the mornings when they first open, so you have access to the inventory before anyone else. I also recommend looking for gently used items that are staples, as opposed to finding statement pieces that you'll only wear once or twice.

Have any more questions for me? Let's schedule a style discovery call! I would love to connect with you and coach you through your style journey.



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