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3 Ways to Improve your Professional Image with Style

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I was recently asked to speak at a community job fair on how to improve your professional image with style. And I came up with 3 easy tips that anyone preparing for a job interview could use!

Click here to watch the full presentation

Studies say it takes about 7 seconds to make a good impression. So, it's important for you to use your time wisely and here's why:

- You want to stand out from the rest

- You want to be taken seriously

- You want to get promoted

- You want to make a good lasting impression

- You want to be approachable

- You want to be like able

And 'm sure you can relate to either of these!

When interviewing for a new role, the average interviewee is typically competing with 2-3 other candidates in one day. This means that it is important to make a good lasting impression and that can be done with your appearance.

Here are 3, simple fashion tips that will help you to improve your professional image.

1. Add a pop of color or texture

Interview attire is typically neutral, solid hues of blues, grays, browns and blacks. So adding a minor pop of color and even some texture or a subtle print in your blouse, pant or shoe will be like a fresh breath of air to the interviewer. It will also help you to stand out in a room full of dark colors. But try not to go too bright or wear too many colors at once. Classy and clean is the goal. You don't want to end up being a distraction.

2. Pay attention to the fit of your clothes

Wearing clothing that fits your body, tastefully, is the key to attracting the right attention. If your clothes are too lose and ill-fitting, it will more than likely suggest that you are unrealistic and lack confidence. And of course when your clothes fit, you are perceived as more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner.

3. Wear classic styles

Being mindful of the particular styles you're wearing to your interview is the first step to deciding what to wear. If your clothing is outdated, you may seem out of touch with what's going on around you and views work as unimportant.

So, now that you have these easy tips on how to take your professional image to the next level, here are some fashion "don'ts" you should keep in mind when getting dressed for your next interview.

- Wearing a lot of jewelry

- Too much perfume/cologne

- Dramatic make-up

- Distressed clothing

- Too casually dressed

I can go on and on, but these are just a few I thought were extremely important. But always remember that the most important aspect is you. How you show up is just the icing on the cake.

If you're in the midst of a transitioning phase and are looking to get promoted and/or start a new job, you're in the right place. At SophisticatedChic, we focus on helping professional women, like you, determine your unique body shape and how to dress for it, no matter where you are in your style journey. Your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and professional drive.

Want to get clarity on your flawless body shape and how to dress for it? Grab your copy of The Body Shape Bible here.

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