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5 Questions you should Ask Before Hiring a Personal Stylist

There are many facets to wardrobe styling and for someone who isn't a stylist, there can be way too many moving parts to tackle. But what you wear is important. So when selecting a stylist, you want to hire someone who cares just as much about your image as you do.

Just like a personal trainer or a hair stylist, personal stylists are available almost everywhere to solve your wardrobe problems. We're not just accessible to the rich and famous. Every day people, just like you, need help investing in themselves. Whether its saving time when getting dressed or saving money when shopping, it takes patience and expert guidance to build that perfect wardrobe.

Let's touch on a few different key points that will help you to determine the perfect stylist and apparel that matches your lifestyle. There are a ton of stylists targeting the same type of audience, with each of them bringing something different to the table.

Continue reading to figure out some questions you should ask before investing in a Personal Stylist.

How much do you charge?

When soul searching for a personal stylist, it's important to have a budget. You should know how much you're willing to invest in yourself and how much is too much. Every stylist charges different prices for what they offer. Most stylists charge by the hour and/or a flat rate. It may seem like a lot, but the work that goes into curating your look is not an easy task.

My company, SophisticatedChic, charges a starting flat rate for styling/branding services. The fee is associated with the average amount of time it takes to complete each service. This makes the process more streamline.

What services do you offer?

Different stylists provide different services. Some offer to come into your home and clean out your closets, while others will shop with you. It all depends on what you're looking for from a personal stylist and what works best for your lifestyle and budget.

SophisticatedChic is all about convenience. So, I offer a variety of services from in-home shopping sessions, closet cleanses, virtual styling and more. Check out all of those services here and inquire about a personalized package that may best meet your needs.

Who do you work with?

Figure out who the stylist normally works with and if that person's style is one you aspire to. A great stylist can typically style anyone but they will always have a specific target audience they focus on. My particular clients are established, women business owners between the ages of 30-40 who are go-getter's that have built successful and sustainable brands. One of my ideal client persona's is open to trying new things, trust's my input but knows exactly what they want and how they want to be seen. While another one of my client persona's is afraid to open up and is in need of a confidence boost.

Determine whether or not you fit into that stylists focus. And even if you don't, figure out if you're comfortable enough to continue working with them.

What are your credentials?

Simply do your research. Google them. Connect with them on Linked-in. One doesn't need a degree to be a stylist, but it's important to have experience that aligns with what you imagine your style to be. The number of years they've been in business doesn't necessarily qualify them and/or determine their expertise either. But if you've seen and appreciate their work, it reflects your style, and meets your wardrobe goals, then go for it.

I've been in the styling game for over 5 years now (Interning under local stylists who've styled for Fashion Week, receiving my certificate for Style & Design from Teen Vogue Fashion University in 2015, assisting on set with Under Armor, styling and building at Trunk Club DC and the list goes on) and am happy at how far I've come. There are so many "fashion influencers" and bloggers that are noticed for their sense of fashion but know nothing about dressing others. It really shows how much time and research you must put in to find a stylist who actually cares about you and how you feel about your overall style.

What's your mission?

A stylists mission and reason behind what they do is an important aspect in deciding if they're the right person for you to work with.

My mission is to rediscover your confidence through style and to show you how easy it can be to present yourself professionally, when you know your shape. It all starts from your unique form and learning what to accentuate. Once that's figured out, it's up to me to educate you on the right brands and styles that will make you look and feel good. And the cool thing about it, is that you don't have to lift a finger. I enjoy doing all the work that you hate doing :)

Have you ever worked with a Personal Stylist before? If not, what's stopping you?

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