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3 Reasons Why It's Important to Build A Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 4

As we transition into the fall season and approach the New Year, I want to make sure you’re fully set up for success. Throughout this post, I’m providing you the tools to feel your most confident with the least amount of effort. You’ll learn exactly what a capsule wardrobe is, why it's important and how having a capsule wardrobe can make your life easier.

What’s a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of items that align with your personality, your lifestyle and fit your body shape. Each piece in your capsule wardrobe can be worn interchangeably and styled in a variety of ways. But if you’re wanting to create a capsule wardrobe of your own, keep in mind that everyone’s style and body shape is different. Not every capsule wardrobe is full of basics a classic pieces. Some can include bold colors, prints and statement pieces that would be considered versatile to others. Your capsule wardrobe will be a unique reflection of your desired color scheme, style aesthetic, and will be functional with your lifestyle.

Let’s get into reasons why it’s important to build your unique capsule wardrobe and how it can make you less stressed when getting dressed.

1. Versatility

You’ll want to have items in your wardrobe that are easy to mix and match and that can be dressed up or down, when needed. Your capsule wardrobe should consists of effortless items that fit you perfectly and make you feel confident every time you get dressed.

As a busy business woman, your day-to-day can consists of conducting meetings, attending meetings with clients, dropping off/picking up your kids and a long commute. But with functional and versatile pieces that transition with you, you’ll only need to make minor adjustments to your overall look to fit to the occasion.

2. Longevity

You want items in your wardrobe that won’t go out of style for a while. These items include basic camisoles, black dresses, white button-up shirts, denim jackets, and any other items that speak to your personal style and align with your lifestyle. Think season-less, classic styles that can be layered or worn by themselves.

When investing in staple pieces, consider buying timeless items that have longevity. You wouldn't want to spend thousands of dollars on an item that would go out of style in a couple of months. While fast fashion offers trendy, cost-effective solutions to make clothing easy and accessible to everyone, it’s not always the best option if you're wanting to build a solid foundation.

3. Saves you time

When you have a curated collection of items that align with your personal style, body shape, and lifestyle, getting dressed in the mornings is a breeze. All you have to do is go to your closet and select from a set of outfits that you already know look good on you, fit you perfectly, and are the exact styles you love.

Imagine missing your alarm and waking up 2 hours late for work. You don't have a ton of time to get dressed because you don't want to be any later than what you already are. Getting dressed wouldn't be a challenge if you have exactly what you need in your closet. And just like that, you’ll be ready to take on the day!

Now that you know how to build a capsule wardrobe, let's build yours! Click here to schedule some time to chat with me about your style challenges and learn how I can best serve your style needs.

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Watch me curate a capsule wardrobe with just 9 pieces >>

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