If you're styling everybody, you're NOT styling anybody.

If you gave me a dollar for the number of clients I've dealt with who just weren't my client, I'd be rich! And when I say "not my client", I mean someone who:

  • Nitpicks at everything I send them 

  • Isn't open to trying new things 

  • Doesn't quite understand my value and what I bring to the table 

  • Isn't committed and doesn't take me seriously 

I can continue going down the list, but I think you get my point!

I'm sure we've all dealt with someone who just wasn't the right client for us, but continued to put ourselves through hell just for the coin. It's crazy what we think we have to do for money. We're a lot more valuable than we know. And definitely shouldn't lower our standards for anyone. 

So in this new masterclass, I want to show what I did to dodge the "
red flag" clients and how I get rid of the one that just weren't worth dealing with. 


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Dealing with the Wrong

Clients the Right Way!

You'll also get to meet me and learn what I did to build up my styling business from the ground up with little to no money. Are you ready?!

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